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P900 software conflict with 6630 or something else? Sync problems

I've been trying to troubleshoot this problem myself, but I'm not having any luck, so I'd appreciate any help that might save me some time.

Since the P910 is too small an upgrade from the P900, I decided to take a 6630 for a change but I'm unable to get it to sync with my PC. The bluetooth seems fairly flaky on the 6630 but I can't get Nokia PC suite(latest one from their website) to find the phone over bluetooth, no matter what I do when I hit 'refresh' within the software it never finds a phone. Going through the initial configuration when you install the software, it all works fine, finding the phone no problem over bluetooth. While the Nokia software claims it can't see the software, my bluetooth software definitely can. I've switched off all the other connectins (cable, IR etc.) in the Nokia software to try and force it over to bluetooth. The PC I'm trying to sync with is a Dell 8600, with the builtin BT module, which uses the widcomm stack. When I have more time this evening I will try the cable as well and see how I get on.

So I began wondering if the P900 software is causing problems? I'm not up on the S60 side of things, the P900 software installed mrouter, does the 6630 also need to use this? The 6630 is not replacing the P900, I'd like to use both to sync with the laptop. It's just a bit irritating because I have a mobile contacts folder in my outlook folder, and each time I have bought a new phone (mainly SEs), it's taken seconds to sync them with Outlook. It's all the more frustrating because the 6630 seems quite nice, the OS is faster and more responsive than previous S60 devices I've used and the screen is superb, very bright and sharp.

On a slightly different note, are there any lists I can check showing which software is known not to work on the 6630? I've only tried a few apps so far, but a bit disappointed I can't get the C64 emulator frodo (which looks fantastic) or 'bombz' working, which is from the recommended freeware list.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer me,

edit: Updated my Dell Truemobile 300 drivers (which are used for most of the Dell laptops) and the Nokia software can see the phone, just need to work on getting Outlook working for syncing now.


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