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Why java applications are remain in ram?


Today i found some weird thing on my XM5800.

I'm using v20 firmware.

When after close java application, it remains on memory.

I confirmed this on jbak taskman's "Processes view", and closed all java-apps.

After doing this, I checked process list once again.

Wow it still displays java-apps that I closed 10 seconds ago.

So, i did some annoying jobs for increase free mem:
1. close all java-app process from "jbak taskman's processes list"
2. Cleanup memory using RAMBlow( ramboost option checked).

In this situation, I thought that maybe java-apps that don't return their memories are not doing appropriate "destroy steps". Is it true?

Then are all j2me developers must have to pay attention of destroy event? or is it just OS level issue?

How can I manage these problems in more easy way? Is there some apps for this?