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Tradition dictates that All About Symbian put on another of our regular meetings the night before the Symbian Expo, and 2004 is no exception. Be you a CEO, a tech head, an interested reader, or even one of the admin staff, you'll find a warm welcome, friendly conversation, and a good night out. As usual, we'll be in the function room of the Dover Castle in central London (details below)

The pub meets are relaxed social events, giving you the chance to meet up and talk with various people. Our last meet saw the pub bursting at the seams with excitment, so you'd be a fool to miss this one. With almost everyone involved with Symbian OS in town that night, we expect lots of alpha technology, software previews, and perhaps a few surprises as well

The AAS Team should be arriving at the pub for 6.30pm. We hope to see you there! (and yes, it's free entry for all)