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Push email - The Ultimate Oxymoron?

This debate reminds me off the ferour that occured some years ago when Freeserve launched their FREE dial up internet accounts in the UK. Many ISP's predicted the death of the service as it couldnt' make enough money to recoup the revenue expended on network infrastructure for the huge user take up.
But Freeserve got it right and the technology costs reduced and the service became commonplace. Now all dial up is free and unlimited broadband for minimal fees rules.

I can see pull email going the same way. It will become old technology as the cost of push services comedown and becomes the standard. Pull email will become a thing of the past. This won't recind our liberty of choosing when to read or reply to our email but it will make live for IT admins like my self easier. I need push email to let me know of server problems in realtime and to provide top draw service to clients using email ticketing systems.

That's my take.