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Some of Krisse's gripe:
- Nokia shouldn't be designing phones for gaming because people don't buy the phones for gaming.
- controls do not need "sorting out" because phones aren't meant for games.
- They're not consoles, and most people don't want them to be consoles either.
- You could of course come up with a gaming-oriented phone, but the vast majority of phone gamers would continue using ordinary phones
- most people want a phone to primarily be a phone rather than a gaming device.
What on earth do you have against gaming on a mobile phone? Geez... All you provide is complaining about people actually wanting to play games on mobile phones.

You remind a granny who would have moaned in the 20th century about no one ever wanting to take pictures or shoot video using their phone.

Secondly, where do you come up with these wild and overly imaginative assumptions about user attitudes and purchasing motives? Care to provide the studies you referenced these claims from?

"Absolutely no one buys a phone for its games". Come on get real!

dedicated gaming hardware is very unpopular...Consoles sell perhaps 50 million a year added together, but phones sell over 1000 million a year.
You compare an entertainment device to a necessity item. Your group A consists of next-gen, latest technology consoles focused purely for entertainment purposes and group B consists of ALL personal mobile telecommunication devices. A fair comparison, huh? That is just a totally unworthwhile and meaningless comparison.

You could just as well build an argument comparing the number of all automobiles to the number of rollercoasters manufactured. One a necessity item, other a source of entertainment. Totally pointless.

PS. FWIW, I never play games on my highly capable mobile phone.