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Im in the same boat! I currently have a Nokia E90 and my T-Mobile contract is coming to and end this month.

I have used Windows Mobile devices in the past and they are fairly complicated BUT you can do more with them. In the end i got fed up and went back to Symbian as i found Windows Mobile to be quite unrealiable.

I believe that Windows Mobile has become quite advanced now, and with the invention of Touch Flo it has become very usable.

I am split between whether to get rid of my E90, and get the Touch HD, OR wait for the new HTC devices OR get the N97.

To be honest with you, my E90 does everything i need but i really fancy something new and shiny. Touch HD is an excellent looking device but with the new Touch Pro 2 and Touch Dimond 2 coming in summer it might be worth holding out until then. The new HTC devices will have the new OS avaliable to them (6.5) or you can go down the route of installing a custom rom on the Touch HD.