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Originally Posted by TomJ View Post
All engineering design is compromise between a number of factors, not limited to cost, durability, performance, efficiency and size. The E90 crams a hell of a lot into a small box;it is unsurprising it performs some non-core tasks worse than even cheap dedicated hardware.
The E90 is neither small, nor, at a premium price of $1000, cost conscious. All you're getting is an N95 in a big box with a keyboard and extra display. Makes you wonder where that money's going.

Think HTC 3600, 3300, Eten G500, X500, M700, Mio A701, A501, HP 69xx. Ignoring the OS, funny how they all manage to include GPS hardware that doesn't need to be stood still in an open field to get a fix.

All the SiRFIII devices I've had, including those in smartphones, have got an initial lock in under a minute, and a warm start in under 10 seconds. And they can often lock indoors, in a pocket or in the car glove box. And run for hours - not 20 minutes.

There's no denying Nokia did this on the cheap, without paying any attention to performance, just so they could have "GPS" ticked on the sales sheet. Which considering the N95 and E90 cost way, way more than their WM equivalents, (and do less), is a bit of a cheek.

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