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How I got my P1i on the web

I wanted to provide more info about the settings that enabled my P1i to connect. I had to obtain some info and make some changes to the router before I could configure the phone. I have an address range defined on the router, which is excluded from DHCP so I chose an IP that is free within this range. I wrote down the primary and secondary DNS IP addresses (not the LAN side address i.e. not a 192.168.x.x or other public IP address), and disabled security (authentication), which of course is just to run the test. I was then able to configure the phone. I created an Internet Account matching my network SSID. For the new account I set the IP to the free IP obtained earlier. I then set the DNS IPs’ and the subnet mask. I also disabled power save for the network account and the P1i finally connected! The phone displays a "blue ball" in the status area when connected to the Internet. I tested the connection for about 45min then turned authentication back on using WPA. I am guessing that WPA will probably not work on the P1i's 802.11b radio, as it is a newer type of authentication. I have not tried either type of WEP authentication yet. If anyone figures out which WEP authentication type works, then let the rest of us know.