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P1i refuses to connect to wifi

I just got my hands on a p1i and everythin is workin perfectly except for the wifi.

I use just basic WEP protection with a router connected to a DSL modem. I haven't had any problems with any of my other wi-fi devices(wii, ds, psp etc...) but the wifi on the p1i will not work.

I have set it to infrastructure mode and when I say connect, it will say connected but the middle soft-key will still say connect(I assume it would change to disconect?) and when I try to use the web browser it says the page could not be found.
However when I click on the little 'signal tower' icon on the top, it says I am connected.

Additionaly, I changed the mode to ad-hoc and it managed to transfer one page before giving the same error.

Any advice?