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Lord of the Ringtones... a fairytale

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a land, not too far away, lived the happy people of Nokia.

Little did they, or anyone else, realise that there were dark forces at work within Nokia, namely the old

council, who, through their mismanagement, lack of awareness and incompetence, were bringing the once mighty

Nokia to its knees.

Their seeming total disregard for the armies massing on their borders, in the shape of the Androids and

iPhones, was truly staggering beyond belief.

The old council continued to pour their hopes, labours and taxes into their Symbian giant as this had

previously stood them in good stead, even though their ally in this, Sony the Ericsson, counselled otherwise

and said that the giant was now too weak and too old to defend them. Eventually, along with Sam the Sung,

Sony the Ericsson defected across the border, further strengthening the forces railed against the Nokia.

Too late, the mighty Nokia realised that the power of the Symbian giant was indeed weakening and quickly

hurried to bring in their new secret weapon... the Maemo!

However, the Maemo was young and inexperienced. It had not been allowed to grow and flourish and was no match

for the ever encroaching force that was now beginning to sweep like a tide across the land of Nokia. The poor

Maemo was cast aside as the Nokia panicked and frantically tried to come up with a plan to save themselves.

In a last desperate effort to stem this flow, the once mighty Nokia quickly formed a new alliance with

another giant, Intel, in the hope that the progeny from their loins would be the best of Symbian and Maemo

and they called it... MeeGo!

MeeGo would sweep away the opposition at a single stroke, the Nokia believed.

MeeGo was the future, the Nokia said.

MeeGo would save the Nokia, they hoped.

Unfortunately this was not to be. Time was against them. It had run out. Too late the Nokia realised that the

MeeGo was also too young and immature and would not be powerful enough to save them in time. For already

their lands were occupied, their supply lines were being cut and their taxes diminished and their people were

being enlisted into the very forces that opposed them.

At the last minute the Nokia decided to seek outside council in a desperate effort to reverse their fortunes.

So, they brought in a much revered wise man from another tribe and sought his advice and, after much

deliberation, he called together all the Nokia and imparted to them the sum total of his knowledge and wisdom

with these words...

"You're screwed!"

The Nokia didn't know what to do. No one had ever spoken to them thus.

"What shall we do to be saved?", they pleaded of the wise man.

This was the moment the wise man had been waiting for. For little did the Nokia know, that the wise man was

about to not only help them but also, he was going to strengthen his own tribe.

"You must not listen to your old council", he told them, "for they have deceived you and allowed you to be

placed in this position of danger, surrounded, as you are, on all sides by fire and flame". You must banish

them immediately!"

"And then shall we be saved?" cried the Nokia.

"No!" boomed the wise man, "for you are too weak to fight your enemies now. You will need to find an ally who

will help you in your cause."

"Should we not just make peace with those who are approaching?" the Nokia asked.

"No!" boomed the wise man again, "if that should happen then the once mighty Nokia will be lost forever.

Swallowed up in the ranks of the advancing army."

"Then who will help us in our hour of need?" pleaded the Nokia.

The wise man permitted himself an inward chuckle before saying, "I have been in secret negotiations, on your

behalf, with my old tribe and they are willing to form an alliance with you that will buy you the time to

strengthen your forces and launch a counter attack on your enemies".

This is exactly what the Nokia wanted to hear and they immediately agreed to the plan and to follow the wise

man, henceforth.

That night, as the wise man sat alone, musing over his achievements with the Nokia, a messenger arrived from

his old tribe and requested news of the Nokia situation.

The wise man related, in detail, all that had happened with the Nokia and bade the messenger to deliver the

news to his old tribe.

The messenger hesitated and looked puzzled and so the wise man asked him what the matter was?

The messenger asked, "Oh wise one, we too are in danger from the same forces that surround the Nokia. Are we

not at risk from this alliance with the Nokia?"

The wise man gave a wry smile and softly replied, "No. For you see, if the Nokia look as though they may lose

in their fight, I will offer them sanctuary within our borders and with their people, their knowledge and

their weapons to swell our own army we can strengthen our own position".

The messenger stared in awe and amazement at the wise man before hurrying off to bring the good news to his


The saga continues...

This is, of course, just a fairytale... isn't it?

This is dedicated to all the faithful forum members who have fallen in the battle... you know who you are.
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