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Here is an easy way to move your messages from Phone Memory to Memory Card or from Memory Card to Phone memory In Nokia models.

1- Install latest version of Nokia PC Suite and connect your set.
2- Open Nokia Communication Centre. (Select Phone Memory or Memory Card from which you want to move messages to other memory)
3- Select all messages in a single folder (Inbox/Sent Items or from My Folders) and click on file> export. This will create *.csv file.
4- Download NBU Explorer 1.8 from (You must have installed Windows Installer 3.1 and Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 to run NBU Explorer. You can easily download these from Microsoft Site,)
5- Open *.csv file in NBU Explorer and click File > Export All. (Your all messages will be exported as *.vmg files.)
6- Disconnect and connect your phone again in Nokia PC Suite.
7- Now set your target memory in your phone for messages.
8- Open Communication Centre and Select your desired folder then click on file > Import messages by selecting multiple messages *.vmg files. (You don’t have to import messages one by one but you can import all messages in a single folder at once)
9- And you have done it.
10- You can import *.csv list in Nokia PC Suite rather *.vmg files, but in this case, all the spaces (blank spaces) in your messages will be lost. All the text of your messages will be merged to a single line. So exporting via NBU Explorer is recommended.
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