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Originally Posted by ansgp View Post
firstly here are the details of that bug without hardreset:

-tested using jbakTaskMan

-when we open shutter, camera application is started.
-Now if we close camera application either by choosing exit option at screen (without closing shutter) and then afterwards closing camera shutter OR by directly closing camera shutter. Symbians taskmanager (long press menu key) shows only menu and standby. But jbackTaskMan shows a camera application named "CamMojave.exe" (UID:0x101f857a, RAM memory 92b, general memory272K, path z:sys\bin\CamMojave.exe) running after that.
[b]-Thats a hidden application.
I have a different "issue" on this. Before I start camera I have 62MB RAM free, then I start camera, close camera (everything closed in Jbak Taskman, no hidden camera app running here!), but my RAM memory is down to 57MB. So I went to Jbak again, opened Processes and Camera is inside (although "closed"). Terminating this process, I'm back to 62MB free RAM. I want to point out that this was also in v21, so not "new" bug.