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Phil Spencer
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Thanks for the interest and questions


Great to see the enthusiasm around these updates, thanks for the interest. Just a few quick points:

1) Rafe already replied about the ‘install to C’ issue. Unfortunately there’s not a great deal we can do about this due to system installer complexities and limitations, sorry.

2) I see some people are reporting issues with Quickmanager catalog updates. We have seen some regional issues we hope are now fixed with some connections but in the main we think a lot of these are just down to understandably high demand. Our apologies if anyone experiences this, but please try again later or tomorrow and hopefully it will work. If you’re using WiFi then as some posters note please do ensure there’s a SIM in your phone and that your phone is on too, even if you’re not using its data connection.

3) A very important point, but PLEASE can I urge you all to use our official site if you have problems with downloads or purchases? I see someone has posted a link to a SIS file for direct download. We’re happy for people to get direct download links via our support service but it’s CRUCIAL people get the right SIS file. As a little background for you, we now unfortunately have to maintain over 20 SIS files for this release due to different S60 versions, different license offers and different ‘types’ of SIS for different devices due to the way the Symbian Installer works. It is very important for your own sake and proper usage on your phone that we can direct you to the right one.

(An example: the SIS linked to earlier is for S60 5.0 devices which have Quickoffice in ROM only. If you try to install it on other devices/setups it will cause problems – if not immediately, when you come to try and get future updates installed. So it’s imperative we try to help you with the right link for your specific phone).

We’re very willing to support customers with questions or problems directly and if you file a request on our site we’ll be able to do so most effectively.