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Originally Posted by matchstick View Post
(This is all idle speculation, just some random thoughts I had last night while tromping through the snow with my dog.)
Interesting stuff, but my take is slightly different. Having touchscreen is nice, and I could never figure out why Nokia didn't use them on the Communicator, so that it would have been just a Psion with comms. Web-browsing, spreadsheets and some other tasks are really difficult without a touch-screen. I think that now they have touch technology, that's the route they'll increasingly take.

Having only touch, though, I find an utter PitA. The 5800 is a fantastic media player, but personally, for an all-round device I'd always want a keypad and/or qwerty keyboard as well. The touch-only thing is a niche market; a fashion that will die out as soon as Apple take the paradigm-shifting, revolutionary step of adding a "keypad" to the iPhone. That's why Nokia took the approach of making the 5800 a lower-range, maybe/maybe not, not-particularly-important device. They were dead right, IMHO.

The N97, on the face of it, satisfies all my requirements, but I suspect is going to be over-priced given the hardware limitations (OMAP 2, no graphics acceleration, etc). They also need, as you point out, to consider the recession; I, for one, am unlikely to get clearance from The Lady Wife for one of those at 400+ in the current climate.