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I think it's a freat little phoen for the price. It has a lot of the features people want from hish end phones, without the cost, or complexity.

I was looking for a while, basically I wanted something with a good sized sceen, plenty of storage space for music, an ok camera and good for browsing web.

It ticks every box.

I considered iPhone, but the cost and lack of basic phone funtions, as well as my hatred of iTunes and reports of bad battery life put me off

Looked at HTC touch HD, but again costs put me off, and was an early adopter of windows mobile and the bad experiance and reports of soemtimes awkward integration with touch flow and custom gui put me off.

samsung omnia again cost too much and based on windows mobile, with bad integration put me off

samsung pixon as a close competitor, but higher price, lack of memory and lack of wi-fi put me off. if i was more botherd about camera i may have gone for it

basically i think the 5800 is an excellent phone, if you look at it in context. It is a high spec low end phone, a bit of a contradiction i know, but i think that is why it works.
it's good for the average joe that wants a little extra