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Another perspective:
My wife and I simply use a phone for calls, showing pics of our kids to other people, surf the net casually. We are very comfortable with computers.

We represent the vast majority of phone users in terms of phone needs.

Me and the wife hate itunes, and thus the iphone is frustrating. We won't be early adopters of unproven G1, Android stuff, etc.

The 5800 is the iphone killer, but in a way nobody talks about. It is a pocketable, cheap, familiar phone. The touch screen is "cool." The end.

I've come to love my 5800. It does everything I want, which isn't much. It's small and light enough to throw in my pocket (or wear around your neck for you southern europeans). If I drop it in the toilet while brushing my teeth- eh, no big. And it's fun to hand to other people to "flick" through the funny pics i take of my kids.

So while conversations exist about camera megapixels, bulky keypads, fm transmitters, etc- only a fairly small part of the cellular phone market actually attaches monetary value to those features.

And that's why it sold like it did in the UK, and that's why it will sell in the asian markets- all of which is surely a surprise for Nokia. I agree with whoever said the 5800 was a giant beta test for Nokia's touch interface. It just happened to hit a very big nail on the head, and will outsell the N97 10 to 1 over the next couple of years.


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