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Very interesting post indeed, though I feel perhaps theres a few things different.

I don't think the 5800 will take much away form the N97. The N97 is going to be a hefty price, and I feel it's going to attract a different type of users, mainly due to cost, size (it's ruddy huge) and having a slide out qwerty.

However, what it could well have done is kill anything inbetween the N97 and 5800. Something a bit better specced than the 5800, but presumably a lot more expensive (especially if its N series).

5MP cam, and FM transmitter being a few.

But who would pay for that if they already have the 5800? Dispite really wanting the FM transmitter (I loved it in the brief time I had a N85), I don't think I am prepared to stump up an extra 100 odd, for those specs and a few widgets.

Just goes to show you don't really need the huge advertising. I hear there is now adverts on TV, but it had already sold a huge amount before they came on.

But I imagine your right. I suspect very few, if any at Nokia expected sales like this. The thing is flying off the shelves, and rightly so. It's a damned good device.

The 5800XM will appeal to loads of young music conscious consumers who do not want the costs associated with the iPhone (And even more importantly their parents who will be buying it!)
I have to say, while your right in one respect, it's certainly not only those who are interested. I myself am keeping this phone, and I use it for work also. Mail for exchange, and various other boring worky things. I am certainly not into music like most people. I know of many people like me that feel phones like the N97 are just far too big.

I think it's an amazingly good device, sure it could do with some tweaks - the one/two tap consistancy, being able to change options on the drop down media menu from the top button, more use of screen real estate, but nothing huge.

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