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However much S60 Touch may be an evolution of the traditional OS it's still very new and Nokia realised it's going to take alot of work to get it sorted and I suspect they thought they were pretty unlikely to get it right with their first handset.
Yeah, I think that's pretty much what they might have thought.

They're a company that brings out lots of models a year that gradually evolve, they don't do distinct generations.

But I think it's a fair enough bargain, the 5800 is pretty darn good for the price. I can't think of any other phone that even comes close for that kind of money.

The N97 is probably going to be their first real shot at getting an "iphone killer", I've never thought the 5800 was such a device because it's aimed at a totally different audience.

Will they pitch the N97 as a budget N series device maybe 50-100 above the 5800 price
No they won't, the N97 will probably cost about twice as much as the 5800 (and the iPhone also costs about twice as much as the 5800).