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N80 - N80i firmware upgrade guide


It is now possible to upgrade the N80 to N80ie with the Nokia software updater (NSU), you may have to change your product code with NSS , EURO 3 code has been tried and works

If the above works then you don't need to do anything else, the guide will remain for others that are unable to upgrade with the above method.

Ok some people aksed for it so here it is including all downloads that work..

This is for European but you can use the APAC firmware instead if thats what you require

Firmware Euro

EMEA 15.00 Package:

EMEA 15.01 Update:

Firmware APAC

Pheonix bit torrent link

Diego, cracks, reaper



First change product code with NSS to allow flashing to N80i

1, install NSS and run
2, plug in phone and select "pc suite" on phone
3, in NSS click "scan for new devices"
4, Click phone info
5, click enable product code and enter 0543922 (this is for Euro with English but other codes are below, if you want apac then remeber to use the apac firmware)
6, Click "write"
7, when complete unplug phone and exit NSS


Now run the 2 firmware files, 15.00 first and then 15.01 ( this is for euro)

Now to install pheonix

1, Run reaper, all instructions are included within reaoer, you dont have to download anything because all files are included here.

2, Follow instructions "how to install pheonix" (skip the download files part)

3, install Diego

4, open pheonix dongle crack (double click on it but dont install yet)

5, install pheonix untill it prompte for dongle not found.

6, click "retry" and run crack immediately and press "yes to all" in new window that opens, if done correctly then pheonix will continue to install normally, if you didnt do this correctly then close current pheonix installation and re-start pheonix installation from step 4 above - YOU HAVE TO DO THIS STEP VERY VERY QUICKLY OR PHEONIX WILL NOT INSTALL AND YOU WILL HAVE TO TRY AGAIN.

7, It may stop installing pheonix with "DESkey not found" click on yes twice then it will continue to register dll files (in some cases you will not get this message untill after you restart your computer if prompted after installation)

8, restart your computer.

9, copy pheonix crack and framework.dll into pheonix folder (this is the folder that you installed pheonic into . probably C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix (but this may be different on your PC)

10, Run pheonix and enter your pheonix will work.

To install firmware into your phone

1, back up your phone to the memory card, and then remove the memory card and sim

2, turn on phone and accept to use without sim

3, connect phone to PC with USB cable and select PC Suite

4, wait while the drivers are installed

5, you should have the latest firmware pages..if not then download via reaper

USB Flashing for N80


1, run pheonix and click file ->manage connections
2, click on the new button
3, tick USB and click next
4, it will find the handset connected via USB and click on next
5 it will display USB and click finish
6, Now place USB on top and click on apply -> close
7, click on file -> scan product
8, you will notice the handset has been detected, (look at the very bottom line of the window to see the phone info)
9 click on flashing -> sw update
10, select your product code (the code previously eneterd in NSS above) and click start
11, now pheonix will flash your phone...leave your phone alone EVEN IF THE SCREEN GOES BLANK AND YOU THINK ITS STOPPED UPDATING and do not dissconnect the usb cable as this will damage your phone.
12, after flash is complete a message will say "USB flashing successfull", your phone will boot up and will take 1 - 3 minutes to start so be patient


Notice you will have an internet folder, after you restore from your memory card the internet folder will dissapear and contents will be in "my own" folder.

I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your phone, this is entirely at your own risk, and this will also probably void your warrantee.

Product codes

Here are the product codes for both APAC and EMEA N80 Internet Edition

N80 Internet Edition Rm-92 APAC

0539367 HONG KONG Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539857 TAIWAN Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539858 APAC 1 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539859 APAC 1 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539910 THAILAND Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540588 AUSTRALIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540589 INDIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540654 NEW ZEALAND Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540779 PHILIPPINES Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540782 INDONESIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540783 THAILAND Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540839 APAC 1 Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540841 THAILAND Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540843 AUSTRALIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540845 NEW ZEALAND Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540859 INDONESIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540860 PHILIPPINES Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540861 INDIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0540862 PHILIPPINES Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540863 INDIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540864 AUSTRALIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540865 NEW ZEALAND Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0540866 INDONESIA Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0541538 TAIWAN Smooth Stainless Internet Edition
0541542 HONG KONG Smooth Stainless Internet Edition

N80 Internet Edition Rm-92 EMEA

0539362 ALPS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540868 ALPS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542289 BALKANS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0543252 BALKANS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0541428 BALTIAN Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541440 BALTIAN Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542808 CIS, BULGARIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542811 CIS, BULGARIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0538301 EURO 1 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539363 EURO 1 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539548 EURO 2 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0539712 EURO 2 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539473 EURO 3 Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0544109 EURO 3 Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539646 FRANCE Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0540867 FRANCE Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542814 GREECE, CYPRUS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542816 GREECE, CYPRUS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539672 GULF Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542489 GULF Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539673 ISRAEL Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514757 ISRAEL Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542487 LEBANON Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542488 LEBANON Pearl Black Internet Edition
0514753 MOLDAVIA, BELARUS Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514755 MOLDAVIA, BELARUS Pearl Black Internet Edition
0514751 ROMANIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0514752 ROMANIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539652 RUSSIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542699 RUSSIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539648 SCANDINAVIA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541439 SCANDINAVIA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542490 SOUTH AFRICA Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542525 SOUTH AFRICA Pearl Black Internet Edition
0539897 TURKEY Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0541690 TURKEY Pearl Black Internet Edition
0542703 UKRAINE Patina Bronze Internet Edition
0542810 UKRAINE Pearl Black Internet Edition
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