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[quote=ratza]First of all, make sure that SMS memory is located in the phone (Messages->Settings->Other->Memory->Phone memory). With FExplorer go to E:\System\Mail and delete the whole dir. Not just the content, the whole dir. Go back to Messages->....->Memory and select MMC. You'll be prompted if you would like to copy the messages to your "new" location.

Sorry that I had a doubt about the way you told, and I was right about it.
Before I did the way you told, I backed up the folder you said to be erased (E:\system\mail) in other part of the memory card.
Then I started to erase that folder by using FExplorer. Well, that option was coming up, asking me to move the message when I switch again the message storage to the memory card.
But ALAS, my previous message in the memory card was gone as well.
Then I remember the backed up copy of that mail folder, then I overwrite again the folder with my backed up copy before.
But my previous precious old message is still gone. Did I do some mistake when make that backed up copy folder before erasing it? I still have my backed up copy folder before erasing in a new folder of my memory card.
Now I really wiz if there's a miracle to have those previous precious message in my memory card back.
Please God, give me that miracle...

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