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Originally Posted by tazman76
Once I could move the message on my phone, it was when I switch the storage for my message from phone memory to memory card there's an option if I want to move the message. I've tried that for once more, but I didn't get that kind of option anymore.
First of all, make sure that SMS memory is located in the phone (Messages->Settings->Other->Memory->Phone memory). With FExplorer go to E:\System\Mail and delete the whole dir. Not just the content, the whole dir. Go back to Messages->....->Memory and select MMC. You'll be prompted if you would like to copy the messages to your "new" location.

Originally Posted by tazman76
And If I want to move to another phone of mine, Nokia N70, how could I move the messages?
You do the same thing, but you need to select MMC as location and delete the C:\System\Mail. It will work in both cases. Good luck.
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