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Originally Posted by Kolibri
Mmmm, answering my own question, number of technical appliances
in the house now exceeding my brain capacity. My daughter has a
camera using SD type cards....

As anticipated, formatting the memory card sorted out the problem.
Probably some sort of installation SW that leaves opened resources
on memory card when installation fails, thus effectively blocking
a reformat...

Actually, I had a similar installation problem with the old SW and
the memory card, except then I was allowed to reformat the
memory card.

I'll put it in the category "not so user friendly features"....
Hey there,
I'm using the E60 and had a similar problem. Tried almost every method of reformatting the memory card (including that camera trick) but nothing could touch the card.
After quite a lot of swearing, i remembered that the card was password protected. So i thought, what have i got to lose. Low and behold, after removing the password, everything was fine again! So maybe you could give that a try next time