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E70 - Unable to reformat memory card, program already using it

I just upgraded the E70 with new firmware (to 31-08-06), using Nokia SW upgrader. Before upgrading, I removed the memory card, just in case.

After a successful upgrade, the phone tries to install some SW
when turning it on, and the memory card is inserted. The installation
fails. So it retries the next time turning on as well....

Looking in Tools->Program Management, I see that there is 2000109b.sis
entry with a memory card symbol, indicating "not installed". Trying to
install it does not work. There is also no option for deleting that entry,
as there usually is.

Since the problem is obviously something placed in a magic location on
the memory card, I thought I might reformat the memory card. But when
I try that, it says that it can't reformat due to some other program using it.
Not any program I have started....

I guess the obvious solution is to go and have the card reformatted in
a PC or something, but I don't have a SD formatter here.

Using PC Suite file browser don't reveal any files on the memory card.
Trying to connect in data storage mode (instead of PC suite mode)
gives the same error; can't connect due to memory card already in use.

So if anyone has any great suggestions, I'd appreciate that very much.

I have a hard time understanding the program management part.
What is it keeping track of? When installing a Java appl., the JAR
file can be deleted from the program manager. When the screen updates
again after a few seconds, then the corresponding JAD file pops up
and has to be deleted as well. When you delete the Java application
itself, there is a remaining entry in the program manager saying "not
installed". Well, maybe I don't want to know how it works... being
able to reformat the memory card would be nice....