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Iv had my n73 a few days now and have been experimenting with different software to get high quality mp4 or even 3gp videos on my device. I just tonight came across a program called WinAVI iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Video Converter 3.1 you can download it from here. I havent been able to get the mp4 to work, this is due to my computer crashing always, (problems lol) but having used the 3gp encoder have gotten very high quality video results.

Try these settings I think you will be amazed how it looks.

From the main screen click the 3gp button,
select your video file you would like to convert (also supports vob files,
after you click open click the advanced button,
set video size to: 320 x 240,
set video bit rate to: 384000,
now click the encode tab,
make sure adjust to height and adjust to witch are unchecked (unless you wanna alter the aspect),
next if you dont want the letterbox effect of your videos (only wastes space and videos look ok without them), check the 4:3 circle in the source aspect section.
now click ok to close this window, then ok ok the next window to begin encoding.

The results are amazing, hope this helps.