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zyk82 08-12-2006 08:24 PM

P990 SIM card error
Hi there,I recently purchased a P990 about 2 months ago on o2, and sundenly it has just started telling me that there is a "SIM card error, please contact card provider", i have phoned sony ericsson and tried to solve the problem, they told me to run an update, but still no luck. Can anyone give me any advice of what to do??? :con? totally confused.
Please email me at

koolezt 11-12-2006 10:59 AM

"please contact card provider"
and what does your sim-card provider say?

superswede 11-12-2006 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by koolezt
and what does your sim-card provider say?

"koolezt" has a point ;) . If you have a quite "old" sim card you should request a new one from your provider since older SIM-cards may not support all functions and/or devices that new phone provides => You can experience problems using old sim-cards with newer type of phones.

zyk82 13-12-2006 06:07 PM

iv spoken to my sim card provider, they werent much help, the sim card is new and did work before.

koolezt 14-12-2006 04:27 AM

i guess it's time for an in-warranty return.

kingrob 15-12-2006 07:40 AM

Is it a 3G simcard?

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