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UncleDekka 16-02-2012 02:53 PM

N8 Belle - Mobile Data Internet Freezing
Hi all,
Hopefully a quick question for what is a very niggly problem !

I find that whenever I am online using Mobile Data that if I pause for more than a few seconds to read a page then whenever I try to move to another the connection just freezes and wont open any other pages.

This happens despite me being in a full 3.5G area where the signal never drops below full strength. Although I do find it happens more often than not whatever the signal is in other areas.

To get going again I just need to close browser, and immediately reconnect and it works as if nothing happened (until I pause again).

Doesn't happen at all with WiFi.

I have tried clearing cache, and switching history off. Even tried hard re-set of phone but made no difference at all.

Any ideas what else I could do to get round this problem, as it can be incredibly frustrating.

UncleDekka 19-02-2012 04:00 PM

Nokia as helpful as ever "clear the cache" :icon13:

Anyway, no need to bother now. I have (temporarily at least until the N8 successor hopefully arrives in May) jumped into the Lumia camp and picked up a Lumia 710 for a bargain 150 on PAYG in Vodafone store.

Oddly enough my internet works perfectly now !

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