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psiloc 17-12-2002 02:58 PM


Yes, you are right - Space Doubler compresses only files from application folder (except some special applications support, implemented from version 1.05).

Compressing of files inside \System folders structure is very dangerous - some of them may be used by system or must be available during power on process.
Space Doubler skips these files (leave them untouched).

But don't worry about not compressed disk space - 99% of applications does not put anything inside \System.



seanmiguel 18-12-2002 03:20 AM

really nice to see developers passing by the threads! thanks so much Robert!

great app! great customer relations! what else can you ask for! 8)

eidrian 18-12-2002 11:07 AM

I agree it make sense to not compress files from system folders, not only because is dangerous, but because there are files that should run in the background.

On the other hand, I have version 1.0 and I never had any problems with it, until recently :) Every time I start WAP browser the RealOne player is decompressed automatically, then when I put the WAP browser in the background the RealOne is compressed automatically, and when I put again the WAP browser in the foreground, the RealOne player is decompressed again. :( This is very annoying because RealOne is very big and take some times to compress/decompress it. I don't know how to get rid of this situation, so now I have to start first RealOne even if I don't use it, so it will be already decompressed when starting WAP browser, then I can use WAP browser without problems. Any idea how to solve this?

psiloc 18-12-2002 11:11 AM



Please install version 1.07 of Space Doubler (available from our website) and disable "Special support for - RealOne".




eidrian 18-12-2002 12:20 PM

Thanks Robert for your promptness. I tried the new version and indeed my problem is solved now. Besides, there are new good features in that version. I also noticed a better compression for small apps of 10-15 kb (like RemoteCam, CamTimer, etc.), and memory info looks very good. The only problem is with the request to unpack everything before installing the new verison, I cannot do that as I would have -200 kb free space :), so I took the risk to install without unpacking first. I had no problems so far. :)

23-07-2003 11:22 AM

help plz
Could someone please e-mail me:

i seem to be having small problems puuting my files into space doubler. I downloaded the vid recorder earlier, and that has gone in sdoubler, maybe by default, but thats the only program that i can compress at the moment. How do i do it?


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