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ulic3190 14-08-2004 04:40 AM

New Expansion for Legacy! 50+ Hours!!!

Legacy: The Legend is available Now!!!

This is a must have item for all Legacy fans.

Grab the demo and see this for yourself,

Stewe and Sylon have called it the best Expansion Yet for Legacy.

Here are just two reports from the Beta Testers:


WOHOO, just finished the game.

AWSOME twist at the end, masterful stroke sheer genius lol. I was amazed at the twist I was like OMG!!!

And the buildup of suspense when u are nearing the lair, bits like: it begins, and are you ready....hell I was begining to feel nervous, open the doors and I was genuinly nervous I had no idea what would greet me.


Hell that end boss was tough man, REALLY tough, I was healing after every signle turn. Love the nice touches at the end.

Kudos Danny Kudos , brilliant expansion, awsome storyline, suprb twists, what can I say, sheer brillance.

Many thanks for letting me beta test/play such a superb expansion.

Ok, I finished it finally (had some other work that kept me from playing for two days). In one word: the best expansion for Legacy so far. I love it (hmm, that's more than one word, but you get my drift).

Best regards and thanks for hours of very good gameplay.

Best regards

Everone that tested this commented that the story and the ending of this Expansion blew them away!!!

Here is the offical description:


The balance has been broken. In the Kingdom of Karthanc, an evil that has been hiding for years is about to take over! The only hope for the people is an ancient prophecy cast long ago, yet still spoken of and hoped for by the city’s desperate populace. A search for the one to restore the balance is currently underway. A special messenger has been sent and is drawing ever closer to your lands. Knowing the one is near.
Will you accept her quest?
Will you discover if you are the one spoken of?
The choice is yours Adventurer, Greatness and Fame Awaits!
Personally its the best thing I have played in a long time.

Love from Ireland

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