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14-05-2003 01:32 PM

How far does your irremote go ??

i read somewhere that a guy can control devices up to 3 meters with his 3650. My phone reaches only about 0.5 meters with the irremote. How far can you control from your 3650 ??

14-05-2003 01:39 PM

I've found it varies with the device I'm using it with and 3650 battery condition, but I can generally get 1.5m

A friend with a 7650 seems to have more luck - something to do with the positioning of the IrDA port maybe?

KAX 14-05-2003 01:46 PM

mine can reach 3 meters easily...
Pretty fun in the Hi-fi store.

14-05-2003 02:33 PM

lol, what did you do then in the hifi store? :) fucktup up the tv's and radios? or just put them on different channels, or popup the volume?

fearce 14-05-2003 02:36 PM

where can i get IRRemote from and also how do i tune it specifically to a Device?

jimmy-floyd 14-05-2003 04:45 PM

Psiloc has Irremote,distance is 3m.

19-05-2003 02:06 AM

teres a reply from PsiNT on this

Dear Sir,

Version is correct - engine is 0.96, remote definitions is 0.97.

Range may be higly improved by replacing IR diode to high power one - we were tried with external IR diode and range was ~20 meters.
Yes, removing black window (or better replacing with glass) is a good idea, we will try to find some hardware manufacter able to produce such accessory.

Please provide list of brands you want to be included.
Best regards,
Technical support team
PsiNT (PSILoc)
Phone: +48-94-3477766

-----Original Message-----
From: j91z28d1n2o []
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 12:35 AM
Subject: IR remote

I just download your latest version 0.97B and sent it to my phone (nokia 3650) but when I go to the about window it still says 0.96(0) I tried removing it and doing it again but the same thing. is this right.

Also is there any way to get longer range. even if its some and hardware you add inside the phone.

please more U.S. brands

Other than that I will but it soon.


P.S. I tried removing the little black window on the side and the range was 2X as good but I don't want to leave it out
does anyone make a clear one

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