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malcolmlau 06-04-2011 06:42 AM

Nokia E5, Email or Messaging or whatever its called now.
I can't seem to find a dedicated E5 forum - maybe nobody has this phone here?

I have a few questions for users of this phone or platform:
1) I am on 'Email 2.2.0' but i am hearing things about ver3.9. I haven't seen it available yet. Is this for Europe only? I am in Hong Kong.

2) Eversince I agreed to the update of OVI mail to the 'powered by Yahoo' version, I have had complications trying to setup my ovi account onto Email 2.2.0. It keeps saying password is wrong although when i tried on the OVI suite, it was accepted. On the E5, after a few tries and repeating the password, the setup takes me to a page where it says the account will be added but has to be checked manually. This is not what i want from push email, so i cancelled it. Today i tried it again and i entered my login credentials for ovi mail and it just says that 'error occurred while processing your request'. I tried with my gmail account and another POP email i have and it all works!

Strange why other email accounts can be used with Nokia Email but not their own.......Anyone know why?

3) Has the Nokia Messaging / Nokia Email website gone now? I had it bookmarked but it seems dead now.

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