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eestlane 29-10-2007 07:30 PM

Nokia e61 wifi question
I have a weird question about the wifi. Is it normal that pointing my e61 in one or another direction while standing in the same place can make a difference between finding a wifi hotspot and browsing the web at normal speeds? Do i need to get it repaired? Sometimes it feels like watching tv with a bad antenna, at the end when it connects the phone is in some stupid position.:con? Can someone tell me how good should the wifi be or how to test it ?

Thank you

bhrishikesh 31-10-2007 05:15 PM

Wifi signal strength varies significantly in each direction, especially if you are far away from the router's physical location. So its not abnormal to see that your wifi connection connects when you are facing a particular direction. When you select an access point while browsing look for the three bars next to the access point name. if all the three bars are filled up then you have a strong connection.

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