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Dickie_l 25-10-2010 10:20 AM

SSL Certificate Changed now can't get Exchange to work
I recently had to change my SSL certificate on my Exchange server from a GoDaddy Cert to a Self Cert. Ever since that point my E71 will not connect because the Certificate is wrong.
I have tried copy the CER file to the phone won;t install (wrong file format), tried using the DER format keeps saying file corrupt.
I now cannot even get to the OWA URL (Error unable to perform Operation)
I can however connect to one of my other companies OWA and am then allowed to download the Certificate for that site.
The phone was working fine before I changed the Certificate (I was forced) all my other Windows Mobiles phones all work fine and everyone can use laptops to connect to OWA.
I've now spent 2 days on this one and my head really hurts...
Any help will really be appreciated...

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