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rdcinhou 29-06-2009 11:15 AM

RSS Feeds Error
After finally getting the hang of the RSS feed reader in the Web applet, I started adding feeds.


Now when I call up the Web applet and select "Go to feeds", it gives "UNKNOWN ERROR".

I guess this is a step up from the old KERN-EXEC 03 from the S80 days.

It stopped working right after I added this AAS N97 forum.

Rebooting doesn't help.

Any idea how to fix this?

*** BTW just went searching for this problem on the web and it seems to be in the 5800 Web browser as well. "Corrupted RSS Feeds" with no way to clear them. I guess I need to look for a standalone RSS feed reader or go to Opera Mini.

rdcinhou 29-06-2009 12:00 PM

Followup on trying to solve this problem...

This problem has been reported on Nokia 5800's for a while now without anyone posting a solution.

Thinking that clearing all of the browser data (cache, cookies, privacy info, etc) would help, I tried that--no good.

I looked in the File Manager to try and find a directory that contains the RSS feeds to see if I could edit or delete it, but evidently they are "system" type files that are not accessible with the supplied File Manager.

Of the reports from the 5800, some reported the problem after synching with their desktop or after adding a 3rd RSS feed.

I suspect that there is a length problem in how long a feed URL can be since I only added a second feed, but the URL was very long.

I sure hope that the July 1st Firmware Update fixes this!

davwil 29-06-2009 02:43 PM

I'm getting this error as well.
I restored the backup of my n95 8gb, everything else came over, but all of the rss feeds came over as unaccessible. When I tried re-adding feeds I managed to add three and now i get this 'unknown error'.
This is real shame as the rss reader on the n95 worked really well. :con?


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