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J.Smitty 23-08-2008 04:50 PM

So how is the Z8 now, still all the problems as before?
Hello everyone.

Recently my old, old moto phone died. Have been waiting a long time for some new models to come out but now I need a bridging phone that's not to expensive that I can use in the meantime while waiting.

I had my eye on the Z8 last year when it released, and up until around March of this year I was occasionally checking up on it only to read it was constantly plagued with problems such as randomly powering off and not transferring/playing music & videos properly among other things. My main concern is really just a music phone, but I just love the looks of this thing. It's amazing. So it was sad to read so many people hating it because of the problems with it.

I'm just wondering how it is now? Has there been new firmware released for it that is more solid now? I don't want a phone that will just shut off when I am listening to music on it. If someone could please give me the lowdown on this phone and what's going on with these days that would be great, thanks!

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