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Sandeep Gupta 27-08-2004 09:28 AM

Internal file system corrupted
On doing poweron of P800, it gives information message

Internal file system was found to be corrupted and will now be formatted

When I continue, it reformats the (reaches 100%) and then again gives information that

it will now be shutdown and will need to be rebooted.

When I power on again, same thing repeats. PLease help!!! :frown:

hAnDyGUY 30-08-2004 09:11 AM

SE service is your only hope ... sorry :(

Henrik 15-09-2004 08:36 AM

file system corruption
Well, the same thing just happened to me for the third time in a year. You forgot to mention that all information in the P800 is also lost. I will try to have it repaired again at the SE center, but I will definitely start looking for another smartphone to buy soon.

I am also totally fed up with the lousy Outlook synching of the SE phones.
Does anyone here know if Nokia's Outlook synch is any better? I am considering their upcoming 9500 communicator.

Bassey 15-09-2004 10:32 AM

Are you installing or running any "dodgy" software (i.e. cracked, warez or using Appforge)? I have used a P800 for 12 months and a P900 for 9 months and had no corruptions or even crashes. It's by far and away the most stable device I've ever used. But I only run 15-20 apps, all legally paid for and all from reputable companies or developers with proven track records.

But yes, the synch software is just plain disgraceful. Not really sure about Nokia PC Suite. Never used other than for backup and restore or getting pictures off a 7650.

Henrik 15-09-2004 01:31 PM

P800 corrupt file system
No dodgy stuff, just a few commercial, like Worldmate.

Strange thing about Outloook synch is taht apart from a fe users in this forum, nobody seems to bother about it. Most people, even corporate Outlook users never use more than just contacts and calendars, and seem to put up with the louse synching of even thees basic things in teh SE software.

I badly need to eb able to synch all content of my Outlook with my categories intact, and everybordy I ask for about this seem unaware of what categories are... SE tech support just shrugs their shoulders and say "Well we sell the phone to a lot of corporations that use Outlook so it canšt be that bad".

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