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Rafe 22-08-2002 09:50 AM

New: Ximplify Clock It! for the Nokia 92x0
Ximplify Clock It! is the latest in the range of Ximplify's excellent utilities /program series. This program has numerous date and time time functions in including world time, stopwatch, task list and viewing of the days appointments.

Ever find yourself checking 'How much time is left' on the clock before
the parking meter runs out or worse been late because you forgot the
time? Next time just Clock It! on your phone and it will ring when your
time is up.

Ximplify Clock It! is a series of time related programs that run on the
Nokia 9210/90 comprising:
- Digital Desk Clock
- World Time
- Timer
- StopWatch
- Task List
- Day's appointments and/or events.
- Picture frame so you can have pictures of your loved ones close by
wherever you are.

Use it to time events, workouts, presentations etc. Use it anywhere and
everywhere - at home, at work or when away traveling.


1. Calendar - Displays agenda entries on specified date. The types of agenda entry supported/shown are Appointment, Anniversary & Event.

2. Tasks - Displays agenda entries of type Task. Changes made in Calendar will be reflected in this view

3. Timer - Timer duration can be set from any value between 1 sec and 23 hrs 59 mins 59 secs. Once countdown to zero, a message of reminder will pop up on screen together with audible alert.

4. Stopwatch - Configurable to make sound on every specified interval.
Volume of sound can be set or muted.

5. Alarm - Support maximum 8 clock alarms. Each alarm can be set with
parameters - Description, Time, Occurrence (Once only, Next 24 hours,
Daily, Weekly, Working days) or Day (Monday thru Sunday). The next alarm which is due will also be displayed.

6. Clock - Digital clock display of home city (configurable). Time and
date format are dependent on regional settings in Control Panel.

7. World Time - Dual clock display side by side. Has option to switch
between digital and analog clock or switch between 12 and 24 hours time

8. Picture - Currently only SYMBIAN (mbm) format is supported for
display. Three picture slots are available for flipping among them.

More information and download the beta version at


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