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brooksananda 21-09-2013 01:00 PM

808 FP 2 update

i live in Switzerland, tried to update to FP 2 by air ( through wifi, through operator) , the update is not available, as i have a mac computer there is no PC suite available for mac , so i finally installed PC suite on a windows computer of a friend of mine and also installed Nokia Software updater, the Nokia 808 appears on the computer i have access to sms, calendar and all the interiors of the phone, then i click to update the phone , it says that there is a newer version than my actual one and that it would take 35 minutes to upload, great, i click on upload and a text pops up that says that a SIM CARD is requested, my SIM card is in the phone.. i try the same with another SIM card (from another swiss operator) but no success...

what can i do ?

best regards


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