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12-04-2003 09:16 PM

Solve for freeze startup problem.
Last week my phone got low mem. after startup again its freeze. i dont know that any one can solve this problem by not return to service center? I did it by this step.

1.turn on your phone.
2.about 10 sec. if nothing shut down it by press power 10 sec.
3.remove Batt. & Sim & Mem. about 10 sec.
4.return Batt & Sim & Mem. no.1 again.

If you have luck you will got message ask you to format the disk.After you format everything will be ok but you will lose all data.

I try this one about 40 times before my P800 ask me to format.
This time i success...

But now i got the problem again and now my P800 ask me to format and it unable to done the operation. Now who can solve this new problem for me.(In my country dont have SE service center)

Urs 13-04-2003 05:15 AM

Can't help, but ...
Well, the same thing happened to me yesterday. The P800 was kind of "frozen" so I had to switch it off by removing the battery. Then it wouldn't start, so removed the battery several times (10 or so) and got different boot messages such as disk full, disk corrupted, etc. and after a while it simply startet formatting it.

The only thing I can suggest is: Leave some good portion of memory free!

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