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talljoemusic 21-03-2013 09:12 AM

E5 discharging problem please help.
"hi every one, please have mercy on me. i need
urgent solution to my nokia E5 .
it has been working well since i bought it untill last
week when i pluged it and discovered that instead of
charging is discharging while connected to electricity
it keep discharging untill it switch off. i removed the battery and used desktop charger to charge it and
placed it back. But any time i try to charge the phone
directly the same problem repeating.i have also
chenge the charging pin, the battery and the charger
but the problem remain.further more the E5 is
updated to the latest software from nokia. Please, please,
please help for i am frustrated i love E5 above all
phones thanks and GOD bless as you provide
solution to this problem amen.

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