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adrian87camaro 22-01-2009 01:51 AM

Where is my phone memory going??
All of a sudden my phone is starting to flash low phone memory warnings at me. I have not added any new apps lately and usually this wouldnt be a problem, but now it is not letting me set up automatic retrieval for my email. Here is a list of my apps that are installed in phone memory.
1. Mobitubia
2. Skyfire
3. Accelerometer
4. Lightsabre
5. Symtorrent (downloads saved to mass memory)
6. Nokia Conversation
7. Google Maps
8. Gmail

When I look at the memory detail for phone memory it shows 133 MB being used with no apps open and only 700-200 kb free. When it shows the break down of the memory it only accounts for about 1.5 MB of the 133 MB. So my question is where is the rest of the 131 MB?? Thanks.

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