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sicofante 10-12-2010 08:50 AM

Will there ever be a T9 Symbian^3 phone?
I'm an E51 user and I'm not quite convinced to upgrade to an E52. I will never ever buy a touchscreen phone. I might buy some of these Touch & Type phones, if there wasn't other choice, but definitely not on S40.

So the question is quite simple: are we T9 typists going to be left behind for good? Is this touch screen craze here to stay or is Nokia going to address some of their most loyal users, the ones who like to have a smartphone that's a phone first, then smart?

DVDJames 10-12-2010 11:19 AM

I think you mean T9 with a keypad as all the Nokia touchscreens have T9. I was like you, refusing to upgrade as I strongly believe that touchscreens aren't as good as proper keypads. Anyway, having tried a few touchscreens and been disappointed (the touchscreen technology on the 5800/N97 is very poor despite having T9 and the I phone data entry is pretty hopeless) I decided to get an N8. It's not as good as a proper keypad, but it really isn't that bad. After a few days I was able to type as quickly as with my last phone. I suggest you use one for few days and see how you get on, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

bchliu 11-12-2010 08:55 PM

T9 is good, but once you learn to use Swype, it becomes a lot better with any touchscreen that supports it. SWYPE is available on Nokia Touchscreens now and is kind of like a T9 for QWERTY touchscreens - just "join the dots" between the letters you want, and it will make the word for you. Ironically, it can be more accurate doing this way (if you are experienced) than the standard onscreen QWERTY as you dont need to worry as much about the finger overlapping the next key syndrome.

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