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KPOM 09-08-2010 02:04 AM

Here's the link to the Engadget article:

Unregistered 09-08-2010 05:30 AM


Originally Posted by Tsepz_011 (Post 473045)
We are already suckers,here we are arguing while Nokia,Google etc...laugh all the way to the bank, difference is i felt more of a sucker with Symbian.
Crappy keyboard? Yep,learn how to use Android ,clearly you havent a single clue of what you are doing on that Desire,get back to me when you have. :)
Yes,those little things count,as it makes the user experience much better,there are multiple scenarios where i find it useful,so do Google and the app devs hence why they put it in there. Awful comparison with the car cupholders there by the way,one provides info which is handy in daily productivity, the other a convenient space, maybe if we were talking about infrared or something it woulve made sense.
Nobody claimed Android had a major feature or whatever over Symbian. What makes it great is that its almost like a bridge between Symbian and iOS. Its more open like Symbian,actualy more open, its user friendly like iOS, it has a majorly geeky aspect to it e.g. ive now rooted my X10 and am able to control the CPU in different phone states,this is simply because i like to fiddle with such things, im able to install completely different ROMS and customize the hell out of it and then in the end its a great smartphone OS that can handle daily productivity, open word documents etc...all this has been brought together in Android,its like it has great bits of every OS (WM, Symbian, iOS etc...) in one, thats what is attracting so many to it,if you dont like it or just cant figure it out then fair enough,drop it, but i can confidently say that after having used s60v3 (the peak of symbian) and s60v5 this includes modding etc...that i find Android far better,the apps work better,the games are amazing, no more having to do battery pulls, no more random reboots, no more half baked software, no more 'out of memory' errors, no more major slow downs,no more slow development etc... just makes Android such a pleasure to use over Symbian,maybe the rest here have never had any of the above issues while using a symbian (which would be amazing) but i have,phone after phone,and i was simply sick of it. Anyway im done with this as i bet your reply will be filled with no major drawbacks in Android yet exaggarated little things that show a user who simply doesnt know what they are doing. Ciao. :)

I get where you're coming from mate and I agree with you. That 'battery pull' thing is the most amazing crap regarding s^1 for me. How Nokia continues to release s^1 device with the same processor and ram (C6) is just beyond me coz I know for sure it'll be hounded by that 'battery pull' crap. I too have been using an X10 for the last month and while I do like it, I missed Symbian. Might sound amazing to some fandroids but people have to realize that different people have different needs. All these intergration between apps, better user experience, etc are not that important to me. Plus the battery on the X10 is just supercrap. I like Symbian because featurewise, it's just more complete. But I won't be using any s^1 devices anymore. I look forward to the N8. I hope they get it right. I think we would all want that

gadget freak 09-08-2010 04:31 PM

i have used palms, windows mobile, iphone symbian uiq, s60 the Desire obliterates all of them, some peoples brains have been so dulled but using symbian they are unable to free there mind.
My E71 still remains my bread and butter device its brilliant at what it does well, but little things like nokia messenging not being intergrated just gets on your nerves, the whole connection pop up rubbish etc.

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