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MonarchX 21-09-2009 01:50 PM

Will or can GPS be fixed?
I can't use mine. It loses ignal so often and screws up my driving. I use Garmin Mobile XT with 2010 US maps.

Is Nokia aware of the issue? Can it be fixed with software update or is it faulty hardware and design? I don't want to do that wiring mod...

boogieindubai 21-09-2009 02:32 PM

I am using the Ovi Maps beta software on my n97, and the phone would keep losing the GPS signal every 5 seconds and then find the signal a second later, then recalculate the route again, but then lose the signal before the first command was given by the polite female voice. I then turned off AGPS and let the phone sit under a clear blue sky. I let it sit for over 30 mins and it still didnt have a satellite fix!!!!

Even the n95 when it first came out didnt have such a BS gps system. Nokia better fix this with v20 otherwise I am selling my n97!

boakesm 21-09-2009 02:40 PM

Having looked through posts on various forums on this the consensus is that the GPS issue is a Hardware issue not software. Certainly my N97 is fine the GPS locks on quickly and the sat nav software works fine. I have seen comments from users that have had the issue and returned there phone for a replacement and found the new phone fine. Again the consensus seems to be that some phones have bad or poorly fitted GPS antenna (maybe an early manufacturing defect now resolved).

I would suggest if you have the GPS issue you try and get your phone replaced (or repaired) dependant on how old it is, your suppliers warranty etc.

RogerPodacter 21-09-2009 05:05 PM

i thought that this was going to be fixed with the next firmware update.

kolaf 21-09-2009 05:57 PM

I suspect that it might the combination of a software and hardware problem. I had major problems until the repair service replaced the back part of my phone (the place on which the antennas are stuck). On receiving the phone the location seemed to stabilise. I then upgraded to the latest map beta and the location is again more unstable. Furthermore, there seems to the difference between when the car charger is plugged and not .

I'm giving it to the next firmware update, and if things are not fixed I will return the phone for a full refund as per the Norwegian consumer laws (the error is still present after two attempts to fix it).

rdcinhou 21-09-2009 11:13 PM

The GPS is only thing wrong with my N97 NAM.

I have hesitated to send it in to Nokia USA since when I originally received it the GPS worked with V10 firmware and Maps 2.0.

So how could it be a hardware issue?

On Nokia Discussions, a post by a developer acknowledges that they have found a bug in the GPS driver software which causes inaccurate calculations even in v12 firmware.

Studying further on the internet, I found this discussion describing more details of the hardware side:

From what I can tell the problem is or more bugs in the drivers and a mechanical defect--possibly in Nokia's choice of GLUE.

GLUE!?!? Yes, glue. The GPS antenna is part of the back assembly and apparently is held down to two gold-colored contacts on either side of the camera slide window. Over time and probably with HEAT the contact with the terminals becomes less secure and makes intermittent contact.

Could it really be this simple?

Is this the same glue that doesn't hold the little metal plate in the camera shutter causing it to scratch?

Running a little test on my unit, I opened the battery cover and pressed firmly on where the GPS sticker antennas are supposed to make contact. I then started MAPS 3.0 Beta and got a quick fix--even indoors. I used it to take a little trip and about after 20 minutes it started jumping my location around like I've described earlier.

Since my N97 sometimes runs pretty hot (especially with the GPS and display on continuously) I suspect that this glue either loses its grip or swells enough to cause the intermittent contact.

Not a truly scientific test by any stretch of the imagination, but this theory does explain the anecdotal observations by so many users and why replacement units even seem to go defective after a while.

When then, will Nokia have a *REAL* fix that will "stick" for the GPS problem (pun intended)?

zxon 22-09-2009 06:16 PM

My GPS was perfectly fine for ages, then started to lose it's signal every few seconds. After I last hard reset it, it was fine again. My guess its a software problem, so here's hoping v20 will resolve this.

In the meantime, enjoy this GPS-related video:

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