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m4hru5 27-04-2005 11:53 AM

unlock nokia 6630
i have some problems with my nokia 6630 :icon13: vodafone :icon13: ,
1. i can't play an music file(all format except midi), when a try to play music there is an error message "unprotected file, unable to play"!
2.i can't use it with another gsm card :mad:
3.i can't install some software at my phone
how to solve that problems?
pls help me

N/A 27-04-2005 12:02 PM

You could return it to Vodafone as "broken", because it doesn't match the phone specifications:,8764,58711,00.html

If enough people do that, maybe they learn something...? ;)

Then get another one from a retailer or another operator that doesn't cripple phone features this way.

Note, however:
menu > Tools > Manager > Options > Settings > Software installation > On

podapo 23-08-2012 04:36 AM

1.) MIDI sounds (types "audio/midi" and "audio/sp-midi") can be played with MMAPI in the Nokia 6630 (sw 2.39.15), but it does not work in some newer Nokia 6630 sales software versions (sw, sw, sw 3.45.110, and sw 3.45.111). Note that devices with these specific software versions are not expected to be widely available but only in a limited market and some operator variants. Playing MIDI sounds with MMAPI works again in sw, which is expected to be available in mass volumes.
2.) Your Nokia 6630 is network restricted. You need to unlock it from network restriction to work with other GSM SIM cards. You can unlock the network restriction using unlock code. you can get the unlock code either from your network provider or from any reliable online site. for example you can get the unlock code from at affordable cost with easy unlocking instruction.
3.) What kind of software cannot be installed.? Only .sis and jar files can be installed to Nokia 6630. Look to it and install software.

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