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Duncan J Murray 15-09-2009 01:17 PM

I'm a keen photographer, and I completely agree with your comments, Steve. I would say, though, that number of megapixels is not related to image quality. Image quality is more a product of sensor size than pixel count, and in fact, trying to cram too many pixels onto a sensor frequently results in more noise (or if noise-reduction is employed, less detail).

Have a look at this website -, which tries to rate sensor technology based on other factors (noise, colour, resolution). If you take two extremely different cameras (try comparing for yourself) - canon G10(15 megapixel compact camera) and the nikon D3 (12 megapixel pro SLR) you'll find the G10 is near the bottom of the list of all sensors tested, and the D3 nearly at the top. This is also clearly seen in the image results from both these cameras, with the D3 having highly acclaimed image quality.

The difference is that the D3 sensor is several-fold larger than the G10, and it's also partly due to sensor technology.

It's funny to see the megapixel race happen all over again in mobile phones, as if everyone's forgotten the fallacy of it in dslrs.

What is more important for image quality is the build of the sensor, the sensor size, and, crucially, the lens quality. I can't speak for the N95/N97 (I use an E90, and I only use the camera for documentary purposes), but I can tell you my Pentax LX SLR with 50/1.4 lens and Provia 100 blows to hell anything that you might find on the back of a phone!


comnut 17-10-2009 07:28 PM

yeah pixel madness... I heard somewhere there was a 20MP one in the works!!

Of course, you can have 50Mp or more, but the optics & CCD light sensor quality will keep the quality down due to noise and distortions caused...

If you remember back to when digital cameras were newish, canon developed a CCD that although it was lower MP than the rest, it produced far better quality!!

If anyone knows more deeply about Cameraphone CCD design(I mean wht's already in the phone, not what OEMs make) it would be good info :icon14: though I guess they are too busy trying to sell, not bothering about the minimal amount that want a good enough camera/PDA/Phone(in one box, not 3!) , just those who want a fancy gadget ....

There is already some good phones using a good optical zoom in japan for a number of years but no plans for them coming to US or europe..

sumproate 11-11-2009 06:33 AM

It looks like you're right. They've not removed it, they just hid it to promote their own service. Using Nimbuzz is really not an option for me currently, as they don't support VoIP in the i8910 HD (while Fring does), but as long as it continues to have SkypeOut I might consider using it on my next phone.
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thomasstuart 18-11-2009 05:15 PM

Hi I am Thomas.
The fact that higher megapixel compact cameras that are marketed to please the ignorant are producing lower quality images than their predecessors is well know already in the digital camera world. Even the higher end Canon C9, G10 etc suffered from this. Just check their reviews.

TheSpecialBoy 17-02-2011 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by TheSpecialBoy (Post 436518)
to be honest I do not feel like cry.

I am happy and I do enjoy such news because this means progress and we go further.
as long as many phone producers including nokia, sony or LG anounced this 12 megapixel
barrier being broken, why not to enjoy it?

We will be able to record HD videos soon on our mobiles.

Is this not a good news.

What I do not understand why the majority of users get cons and against 12 Mega pixel camera phones.

just because we do not own such a phone does not mean it is not good.
or, that phone might not be good as camera, but for shure we will get the most benefits of this technology soon....


Now N8 camera is the stongest sales competitive advantage...

Was I right?

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