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Muzikfreakah 28-09-2003 05:28 AM

Signal Color Coding
Hey everyone!!! Wassssupp!!!? Boy its been awhile since ive last posted here! Mymy..

Well here goes, any1 tack this yet?
1.) Signal colors and bar meanings. I mean aside from lowering down to a few bars when that area has less signal, that colors change and the top bar appears then dissappears.. (This could be in the manual, but im like ever1 else, lazy )

2.) Color schemes: Has any1 notice that when you change the color of the top menu bar the system buttons(Phone, messages,applications, unless of course you customized the buttons, this is when flip is open) look terribly shattered? Is there a way to change the color of the entire button, color scheme only changes the inner part of the button, the rest it still blue Will try to post screen shots when I have time

Cheers everyone!!!

hAnDyGUY 29-09-2003 07:46 AM

as for signal color, I guess it changes into yellow when the signal is in it's medium range, and into red when the signal falls.

for color schemes, I've started using a programs called color shemes v. 0.8, it looks fine and adds an option in the control pannel/General as Color Schemes, which will help u add whatever color u want for your upper pannel, text and menus in your mobile. it's easy and fun to use!
guess there should a newer version but didn't check yet, the sofware is made by PsiNT, check the link:

JulesG 29-09-2003 10:50 AM


Originally posted by hAnDyGUY
... it's easy and fun to use! ...
Easy to use I understand, but FUN?? I think you need to get out more! :D

Hey, Muzikfreakah, we missed you! Where've you been?

The Party Boy 29-09-2003 04:23 PM

is this right?

1. rename it Colorscm.dat
2. copy to phone
3. move (using file manager) to c:\system\data\ on the phone
4 overwrite existing file
5. reboot

Bear in mind that most of these schemes are butt-ugly... theres probaly a reason S\\\ didn't include this feature...

PLEASE BE CAREFUL i have not tested all of these and they could mess up your phone... the one called 1 default.dat is the default one extracted from my own p800

you can also use pc file manager to copy the file directly to c:\system\data

because i found this in other forum.

hAnDyGUY 01-10-2003 07:37 AM

[quote]Originally posted by JulesG
[b]Easy to use I understand, but FUN?? I think you need to get out more! :D

ment fun in another way:D

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