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CoverBoy 07-05-2013 10:41 PM

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard pairing problem with N73
So I got a Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for my B-day from a friend.
But I can't connect/pair it with my N73.
Its not Nokias official BT Keyboard.
Here is what he got me Link
"Features: - Work with Nokia Symbian S60 System Mobile Phone"

It comes with Keyboard pairing software on a disc, no problem installing that on the phone, no problem detecting the keyboard. But when It tries to pair and ask me for the Pass-code in the program it almost instantly gives me: "Failed to connect to Bluetooth Mini Keyboard" without even asking for a code.
Tried it with an Ipad and an Android issues.

So has anyone ever managed to connect one of these to a N73 or another Nokia mobile?

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