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cOnTaGoUs 24-12-2004 10:35 AM

Out of Memory ??
Ok i have installed Worms world party for N-Gage to see if it would work on my NOKIA 7610, and it seem to start to run, and then when the N-gage screen comes up its come up with a message saying "Out of Memory" and then closes the application, any ideas plz, if so how do i upgrade the memory as it cant be the MMC card as that has 35 Mb left on it.

GhostDog 24-12-2004 05:34 PM

N-Gage games are ment to be played on N-Gage type of devices.Discussion on how to use illegal/cracked N-Gage games are not alowed in the forums.You have just recieved your first and last warning,thread closed.

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