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tkondziola 20-09-2004 02:17 PM

Siemens SX1 and Real Player problem
Hello folks!
I've got small question about Real Player which is installed in my cellphone.
When I'm in the Internet I can't see link which contain *.rm file (Real Player doesn't start). When I start Real Player standalone everything is ok. Any ideas why?

Dalvidos 22-07-2009 12:14 AM

N97 issues
I am having a similar difficulty with my new N97... Realplayer fails to open, i simply get a blank screen which (I have tried to wait for it to load) after a long time does not EVER go away... it is frustrating because I can go to menu etc and in a sense 'exit' the program.. but when I try opening the file manager it will not allow me to close it... and until my phone restarts it is a background, crashed program.. and yes I have also tried re-opening it and it just takes me back to the blank screen. Any ideas?

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