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firebird-jpx 07-10-2012 06:02 PM

Nokia 5800 - start-up (no display) following renewal of front touch screen
I have a Nokia 5800 (unlocked) but using the o2 network.

I had re-newed the front cover touch display as it had scraches and noticable marks, and wanted to give it to my mum, as i'm now using a iPhone 4S.

So I followed the step by step instructions given in the following site:

Anyhow, I followed the removal and re-fit to the letter, but after installation I now have a Black Screen, and nothing is happening, except when you turn the mobile on it vibrates all the lights light-up AND that's it. When I turn t on a get a quick dim white flash from the dispaly, but noting else.

I can press the screen a vibrations are felt, but nothing.

It was fully working before I changed the screen cover.

I have tried that hard reset red, green, camera, and on/off buttons at the same time and ..... Nothing

To top it off my computer fails to reconise the phone now via USB.

Hope you can help or anyone for that matter.

Kind regards, Jonathan

SDK 22-12-2012 03:50 AM

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